Spray Bottle

The Different Material Fine Mist Spray Bottles

We have many different material spray bottles, for example: PET plastic spray bottle, PETG mist spray bottle, HDPE spray bottle, aluminum fine mist spray bottle and so on.
PET is a lightweight, durable, and shatter-resistant plastic, and HDPE is strong, impact-resistant, and flexible. while brushed aluminum mist spray bottles lend the product a fresh contemporary look on the shelves. PETG is eco friendly material, which has high transparency and very good gloss. These materials are all suitable for numerous brands and applications.


Wholesale Different Spray Bottles For Different Usage

There are some different shapes fine mist spray bottle for you to choose from: cylinder, Boston round, Cosmo round, square, hexagonal, unique shape and so on.
These spray bottles can be used for different products. Such as: hand sanitizer spray bottles, face mist spray bottle, hair spray bottle, body spray bottle, disinfectant spray bottle, cleaning spray bottle, gardening spray bottles and so on.
The spray bottles can be made for any colors that you want, we also can customized the logo printing or labeling.

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