Foam Pump Bottle

Foam Pump Bottle

Foaming Pump Bottles

We are the professional manufacturer for cosmetic bottles. foam pump bottle is one of our most popular products.
We have different material foaming pump bottle: PET foam bottle and HDPE foaming bottle.
The foam bottles can be with foam pump or sillicon brush, it depends on your needs for your products. The foam pump bottles can be used for liquid facial cleaner, hand wash, body wash and so on.
Furthermore, there are different shape foaming pump bottle available, the color and private logo printing of the foam bottle can be customized as your requirement. The white foam pump bottle and amber foaming pump bottle are the most popular among our customers.


Foaming Pump

There is a function on the foaming pump which enables water-based liquids to be converted into a foam using normal air. This is done in the foaming chamber by forcing a water and soap solution through a very fine mesh whilst adding air.
This formulation, in combination with the non-aerosol foam pump, determines the quality and density of the foam.

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