Cosmetic Tubes

Empty Cosmetic Cream Tube

There are many types of cosmetic tubes, and the following materials are different. There are PE cosmetic cream tube, aluminum cosmetic tube. laminated empty cosmetic tube (PE + aluminum material combination) .
According to different uses, cosmetic soft tube have eye cream tube, face wash cream tube, hand cream tube, sun screen tube, BB cream tube, body wash tube, shower gel tube, foundation tube and so on. Many skincare, cosmetic and personal care products can be filled in the cosmetic squeeze tube.
Follow up with different caps, there are flip top cap tube, screw cap tube, roller ball tube, squeeze tube with nozzle tip, airless pump tube, cosmetic tube with brush and so on.
You can choose cosmetic squeeze tubes according to your preferences and products.


Can Customize Capacity, Color, Logo Printing For Cosmetic Squeeze Tube?

Cosmetic Squeeze tube is different from cosmetic bottles and cosmetic jars, it can be customized any capacity that you want. If you have requirement to the diameter of the cosmetic tube, we also can customize the diameter as your requirement.
We also support customized color and logo printing.
We can made any color of tube for you, you just need offer us the color code or sample to referece the color.
Besides, we also can custom the logo printing according to your printing design, so you can own the cosmetic squeeze tube with your private brand logo.

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