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Cosmetic Packaging Basic Knowledge

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Update time : 2023-07-14 17:11:08
With the rapid development of the cosmetics industry, mutual competition is becoming more and more intense. Many businesses not only seek excellence in cosmetics, but also have great thoughts on packaging. Some special cosmetics packaging has evoked the desire to buy of many consumers, but do you know the basic knowledge of cosmetics packaging?
There are many types of cosmetics, different functions, and the form of packaging are new and fashionable. The packaging of general cosmetics is mainly divided into: glass cosmetic bottle, plastic cosmetic bottle, cosmetic tube, labeling etc.
A. Glass Cosmetic bottle (common sense of packaging)
1. spray coating / electroplating
2. Color glass bottle
3. silk printing, hot stamping
4. heavy, texture, high transportation cost
The outer packaging glass cosmetic bottle body is very textured; the bottle body is complete, stable, smooth, and basically uniform. There will be no cold explosion, cracks and other phenomena, no obvious scars and deformation, threads and other coordination structures are intact and positive; clean inside and outside the bottle; it is fragile.

luxurious glass lotion bottle and cosmetic jar
B. Plastic cosmetic bottle (common sense of packaging)
1. Single -layer plastic cosmetic bottle
2. Double -layer plastic cosmetic bottle
3. vacuum bottle
The outsourcing design texture of the plastic cosmetic bottle is soft and hard. The bottle is complete, stable, smooth, and basically uniform. There will be no cold explosion and cracks. There are no obvious scars and deformation. Bond, threads, etc. are intact and correct; clean inside and outside the bottle; not easy to break.

Transparent pink PETG Lotion Bottle
C.  Cosmetic tube (common sense of packaging)
1. Tube diameter, tube length/round tube, flat tube
2. Seal tail, seal mouth, tail cursor
3. transparent tube, solid color tube
4. offset print, silk print, hot stamping
The tube body is smooth, neat, thick and uniform, without obvious scratches, the color is consistent with the standard samples; the seal is firm, no opening, wrinkles and other phenomena; can be squeezed hard; basically tin foil packaging can be guaranteed to ensure the cleaning environment in the tube is clean.

Eco friendly cosmetic tube packaging
D. Labeling / Ssticker (common sense of packaging)
1. Transparent stickers or white solid color marking stickers
2. offset print, screen printing
3. Material brand, solitary period
Printing trademarks should be positive, with clear colors, clear and solid handwriting; the printing pattern is clean and clear, the qualified certificate printing and patterns are clear, and there are markers such as factory names and inspectors.

shampoo bottle with labeling
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