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Electroplating In Cosmetic Packaging Technology

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Author : Cecilia Peng
Update time : 2020-09-01 11:44:35
Cosmetic bottle manufacturers in the process of processing there are many different processes, these processes have their own characteristics.
Electroplating is one of the processes commonly used in cosmetic packaging materials.

Its purpose is to coat the surface of cosmetic bottles with a layer of metal paint, which not only increases the beauty, but also compensates the shortcomings of plastic, endowing metal with properties, improving its electrical, thermal and corrosion resistance performance, and enhancing its surface mechanical strength.

We do like the Electroplating Technology in the packaging , and also it shows a quality of the product!

Why Choosing the Electroplating ?

Electroplating process in the selection of materials is required, ABS plastic because of the advantages of the structure, has good comprehensive performance, easy to process and shape, and because the surface of the material is easy to erosion and obtain a better coating adhesion, so in the electroplating application is very common, followed by PP material.

It also has the following requirements for the electroplating coating on the surface of the packaging material:

1, between coating and packaging material, coating and coating, there should be a good binding force, so that the surface of the packaging material will not fall off.

2, the coating should be fine crystallization, smooth, uniform thickness.
A better appearance of electroplating should be bright through black, light brightness vision is very thick, this macroscopic feeling is determined by the status of the plating surface of the packaging material, that is to say, the surface of the packaging material must be very smooth.

The plating colors of our products are mainly bright gold, sub-gold, bright silver and sub-silver, while the stability of other plating colors and white colors is relatively poor.
Usually made to electroplate water cream bottle tank, shoulder sleeve, pump ring, cap, cover, bottom or the entire product bottle accessories.

Compared with other electroplating processes, the delivery time will be longer and the processing cost will be higher. In the case of abundant time and higher requirements for product packaging, customers can choose.

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