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How To Choose Child Resistant Caps & Closures?

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Author : Maggie Liang
Update time : 2022-08-25 14:37:35
To prevent the cap from being opened at will, a cap with a certain device is set, which we call the child resistant cap ( also call child proof cap ). Child resistant caps are not common in daily life, but child resistant caps have their own special functions.

First of all, child resistant bottle caps can prevent the cap from being opened, especially the accidental ingestion caused by accidental opening by the elderly and children.
Secondly, to prevent leakage, the child resistant cap can improve the sealing performance of the package and avoid unnecessary leakage.
Finally, improve consumers' trust and love for product packaging.

So, how to choose the child resistant cap? First, try it out. By trying out the child resistant bottle cap, you can quickly select it. You can judge and analyze whether the opening design is reasonable and whether it is laborious. Second, the price of child resistant bottle caps and whether the quotation is reasonable can be compared through multiple comparisons. Third, the material of the child resistant bottle cap should preferably match the bottle and be consistent.
Child resistant caps are ideal for a wide variety of potentially harmful products in the cosmetic, personal care, household cleaning, and industrial manufacturing industries. Child-resistant caps also meet compliance regulations for the cannabis, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries.
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