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PET Cosmetic Cream Jars For Skincare Products

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Author : Maggie Liang
Update time : 2021-07-08 14:41:34

We are the professional manufacturer of cosmetic jars in China, we supply the cosmetic jars to all over the world, no matter where you are, we all can ship the goods to your country.
There are different material cosmetic cream jars, for example: PET cosmetic jars, PP cosmetic jars, PETG cosmetic cream jars, Acrylic cosmetic jars, glass cosmetic jars and so on. Here we will mainly introduce the PET cosmetic jars.
Different material cosmetic cream jars have different characteristics, so do you know about the characteristics of PET jars or PET material.


Characteristics of PET

We use the brand new material to products the cosmetic jars. Brand new PET plastic material is clear, tough and is a good barrier to gas and moisture. PET plastic material also has a good resistance to heat. PET has a maximum fill temperature of 160°F.

PET Cosmetic Jars For Skincare Packaging

PET cosmetic cream jars are very good choice for your skincare products, because of its many desirable characteristics. PET is available in a wide range of colors shapes and sizes. Darker colored PET plastic containers may be best for blocking UV rays from light sensitive materials. PET is highly resistant to dilute acids, oils, and alcohols.

 PET square cosmetic jars from Yello Packaging

We have different shape, color, sizes PET cosmetic jars, and we have double wall cosmetic cream jars and single wall cosmetic jars. And the PET cosmetic jars can be used for eye cream, lip balm, lip gloss, face cream, facial mask, hair mask, body butter, body cream, hair conditioner and so on.

PET cosmetic cream jars from Yello Packaging

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