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Precautions For Purchasing Cosmetic Bottle Packaging?

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Author : Maggie Liang
Update time : 2022-04-29 17:54:02
Cosmetic bottle packaging not only involves cosmetic containers, but also product promotion and product quality. Manufacturers must attach great importance to the procurement of cosmetic bottle packaging. Then, let's learn about the precautions for purchasing cosmetic bottle packaging!

1. Is the material of cosmetic bottle packaging compatible with the product?

"Cosmetics Safety Technical Specifications 2015 Edition" stipulates that direct contact with cosmetic bottle packaging materials must be safe, and must not have chemical reactions with cosmetics, and must not move or release toxic and harmful substances that endanger the human body. For example, heavy metals, bisphenol A and its derivatives are dissolved in cosmetics that are in direct contact, which is a threat to the quality of cosmetics and the human body.
Therefore, in order not to cause unnecessary losses, the cosmetic bottle packaging needs to be tested for compatibility.

2. Has the printing quality been checked?

Cosmetic bottle packaging requires exquisite printing and good visual aesthetics, so its printing quality inspection is particularly important.
At present, the routine items of cosmetic bottle packaging printing quality inspection mainly include the abrasion resistance (scratch resistance) of the printing ink layer, the ink adhesion fastness and the color discrimination detection. During the testing process, the cosmetic bottle packaging does not appear to have ink shedding, deinking, etc., which is a qualified product.

3. Is the design reasonable?

Cosmetic bottle packaging for enterprises, considering the cost and market expectations, they should manage the design gate of packaging materials, from container form to printing, from style positioning to transportation risks, from connotation to outsourcing, comprehensive consideration.
Especially about the market characteristics and potential of the product, and the basic conditions of the consumer group, such as the age, economic income, and cultural quality of the consumer group. A good cosmetic packaging product does not have the right appearance and can damage the overall image of the product.

4. Is the capacity standard?

There are many kinds of skin care products and complex processes. There are inevitably differences in the capacity and design standards of containers. Before the production of cosmetic containers, the characteristics of materials must be fully considered and controlled in a targeted manner. Are the special specifications complete, are they beautiful in shape, and are they visually refreshing?
When many companies negotiate business, they often only know how to produce according to the template. In fact, this is incomplete. Due to the different body of material, the net content of the same container is different.

5. Is the share of defective products exceeding the standard?

Depending on the manufacturing machinery such as glass bottles and plastic bottles, various problems may occur in terms of color difference, printing omission, and shape, so these problems need to be considered when purchasing. During Cosmetic bottle packagings testing, if the ratio of qualified products to unqualified products does not exceed the basic standard, the purchase of packaging materials can be successful, but when ordering packaging materials, the quantity should be appropriately increased to make full use, and there is still room for screening .
The above are the precautions for purchasing cosmetic bottle packaging. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us!
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