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The Comparison Of Eye Cream Jar And Eye Cream Tube

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Update time : 2023-11-03 18:44:08
1. Eye Cream Jar
The capacity of eye cream jar is generally large, suitable for parts that need large areas. The general chemical stability of the cosmetic jar is good, and the toxic and harmful substances are not precipitated, and it is easy to form. The disadvantage is that the eye cream jar design will be exposed to the air each time the paste is opened, and the price is easy to be oxidized.
Selecting Guide: Eye cream jar products are more suitable for facial necks that require key maintenance parts, and the large capacity of bottled is more suitable for a lot of multiple times. For office workers, clean and hygienic bottles are more suitable.
2. Eye Cream Tube
The packaging of the eye cream is usually an aluminum tube or an opaque plastic tube. Drivers of light design, small capacity and good stability. At the same time, because the opening of the tube is small, the amount of eye cream can be better controlled, and the packaging is relatively closed. The inner eye cream cannot be exposed to the tube, reducing the breeding of bacteria, and more convenient to carry.
Selecting Guide: For parts that do not need more amounts of eye, lip week, etc., the tube is most suitable for use. The use of tube installation can accurately control the amount and reduce waste. The tube eye cream is small and can be kneaded and deformed. It is very suitable for travel for travel.
After reading the above analysis of the differences between the eye cream jar and eye cream tube, I believe that you already have a clear understanding and choice in your heart. Most of the choices for eye cream jars and eye cream tubes are in different occasions. In the case, the effect is almost different.

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