15g 30g High Quality Colors Acrylic Airless Pump Cream Jars

Item No.: YELLO-B225
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Yello Packaging
Material : PMMA/PP
Capacity : 15ml , 30ml , 50ml
Color : Customized
Minimum Order Quantity: 10,000pcs
Delivery Time: About 35 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union

15g 30g High Quality Colors Acrylic Airless Pump Cream Jars

This airless bottle is has 3 volume is 15g,30g and 50g , with 100%  New Acrylic material. 

High quality transparency as material, recycling by environmental protection department.

Easy to press and save labor, vacuum preservation, air insulation. It is suitable for cosmetics such as sub packed lotion, essence, foundation and so on.

Can be customized according to the requirements of customers, to create your own products. 

The logo can be customized as your requirements, and various processes can be selected to improve the brand level.


  • Material:PMMA/PP
  • Capacity: 15ml , 30ml , 50ml
  • Color: Can do any color of customer requirement
  • Surface Treatment: Frosted, Gold, Silver, Printing, Hot stamping, Labeling available
  • Use: Lotion, Liquid Foundation
  • Custom Service: We can do a line of service for you from mold making, quality control and transport
Capacility 15ml , 30ml , 50ml
Type airless pump
Samples Available
MOQ 10000pcs
OEM Acceptable
Shipping by sea or by air


The advantages of PMMA material:

High gloss, high transparency, high impact, good heat resistance and mechanical properties.


15ml 30ml 50ml Cosmetic Airless Bottles / Acrylic Airless Pump Cosmetic Bottle Airless Bottle Details:

15ml 30ml 50ml Customized Cosmetic Airless Bottles




Customized printing effects are avaliable on the the surface:

15ml 30ml 50ml Customized Cosmetic Airless Bottles / Acrylic Airless Pump Lotion Bottle


Why Choose Us?

1. We are a cosmetic manufacturer of PET Plastic Sprayer Bottle with 17 years experience and professional production team.


2. Factory direct supply, reasonable price.


3. OEM service are available, you can do what would to customized


4. Customer oriented and responsible pre-sale and after-sale service.




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