50g Nozzle Squeeze Hand Moistuizer Tubes Packaging

Item No.: YELLO-B194
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Yello Packaging
Material:    LDPE
Capacity:  20ml or customized
Minimum Order Quantity: 10,000pcs
Delivery Time: About 30-35 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union


50g Nozzle Squeeze Hand Moistuizer Tubes Packaging


Needle Nozzle tube in 50ml, this one is for hand cream,very special one.

Needle Nozle Tube is be widely used for small dose cosmetic products such eye cream,hair care,facial care products.Its formula usually is seence ,oil,serum etc.

Clear tube outlooks design,which can help see inside products.Oval tube body tube,easy to carry!

Squeeze packaging,soft bottle

Specification : 


Capacity  50ml
Use  ointment, Massage Cream , face lotion,hand cream ,hair dye   
Material  LDPE  
Color  Custom
Printing  Silk Printing, Hot Stamping, offset printing ect
Payment Way       30% Deposite And 70% Balance Before Delivery
Tube size decoration,logo printing can be customized

50g Nozzle Squeeze Hand Moistuizer Tubes Packaging

 Plastic Customized PE Cosmetics Tube Container Packaging Details:

Clear Soft Cosmetic Skin Care Packaging Customize

Why we choose the TUBE for cosmetic packaging?

1. It is insoluble in general solvents at room temperature, with small water absorption, excellent electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, excellent electrical insulation (especially high-frequency insulation), and can be chlorinated.


2. It has softness, elongation, good impact strength and permeability, and can maintain certain toughness at low temperature.


3.Tubes are more hygienic than jars. Although tubes are not airless, they can keep products out of cross-contamination because users only contact with the amount they use each time.


4. Compared with PP, PP becomes brittle, wear-resistant and aging at low temperature, and PP toughness is poor at low temperature

Tube packaging is a good fit for almost any beauty products, even with sensitive formulations. 





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