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About the application of cosmetic packaging

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Author : Maggie Liang
Update time : 2022-05-25 17:07:45
With the improvement of living standards, consumers have more requirements for the efficacy of various cosmetics. The development and production of cosmetic packaging with various nutritional or protective functions has become the research and development direction of the cosmetic industry. To achieve this effect, various nutritional and health ingredients, such as various plant extracts, bioactive factors, essential oils, etc. are added to cosmetics. This product has the functions of whitening and freckle removal, anti-aging, anti-dermatitis, nourishing skin or hair and so on. There are many kinds of cosmetic packaging with different functions, most of which are liquids, lotions or pastes without obvious appearance. Only through the exquisite and unique packaging design can it show its own characteristics. In addition to metal, plastic and glass are the main packaging container for cosmetics at present. Although the cosmetic packaging market has always been dominated by glass, the diversity and plasticity of plastics have made plastics an increasingly popular cosmetic packaging.
amber cosmetic bottles and jars
In addition, the poor impact resistance of glass bottles, the high cost of fragile filling, and the complex molding process also limit the application of glass bottles. With the development of new technologies and new products, plastic cosmetic packaging have realized the transparent characteristics that only glass had before, making plastic products unique in the cosmetic packaging market. Plastic products are a general term for daily necessities and industrial products processed from plastic as the main raw material. However, plastic containers are prone to static electricity, surface contamination, environmental pollution caused by waste, and poor antibacterial properties.
However, in recent years, with the continuous increase in the types of cosmetics, the use of cosmetic packaging is extremely confusing, including cosmetics with quality problems, skin redness, itching and severe reactions. Health standards vary across the cosmetic industry.
In order to reduce costs, many businesses use environmentally friendly and unhygienic cosmetic packaging. Compared to food-grade materials, cosmetics are not edible products, so they are greatly reduced in terms of hygiene and health. More often, inferior cosmetic packaging materials are used, which are inferior materials or toxic materials. A series of chemical reactions occur with cosmetics of various ingredients for a long time, resulting in various health problems. Roller coating can be directly used for material coloring, especially for large-area background printing products, which can avoid false ink printing, ink spots and other undesirable phenomena caused by printing on the back of the material. These problems can be avoided by using our ( Yello Packaging ) cosmetic packaging.

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