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Comparison of Glass Roller Ball Perfume Bottle and Spray Perfume Bottle

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Author : Maggie Liang
Update time : 2022-07-21 14:21:28
Glass rolled-on bottles perfume and spray bottles perfume belong to the classification of perfumes. Both are mixed with alcohol solution and appropriate amount of spices. Both roll-on perfume and spray perfume have fragrant and rich aroma. They can make people's spirits happy, not only enrich people's life content, but also improve people's life. quality of life. And glass roller ball bottle and spray bottle perfumes have certain differences in texture, although the roller-ball perfume and spray perfume are both liquid, but in terms of concentration, the roller-ball perfume should be relatively viscous. After the fragrance is applied to the skin, it takes a while for the fragrance to dry and it has a heavy and greasy feel when applied. Glass bottle spray-type perfume is relatively thin, and it is sprayed with a refreshing texture like water mist.

The significant difference between the roller ball type and the spray type of the perfume bottle is the difference in the method of use. Roll-on bottle perfume is relatively viscous. When using the cosmetic packaging, the perfume bottle needs to be turned upside down. After the perfume has moistened the roll-on, the roll-on can be slid on the skin. The hot parts of the body will stimulate the fragrance of the roller-ball perfume, so the application position of the roller-ball perfume is on the wrist, the inside of the elbow and behind the ear. The spray perfume is relatively thin. It mainly sprays the perfume through the nozzle of the perfume bottle, and the sprayed perfume molecules will be scattered on the human body, or the spray perfume can be directly sprayed on the desired part. Spray perfume can be used on the body, hair or clothing, while roll-on perfume is generally used on the body skin.
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