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Reasons For Using Glass Bottles In Cosmetic Packaging

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Author : Maggie Liang
Update time : 2022-07-27 16:30:57
The proportion of glass bottles used in cosmetic packaging is not large in cosmetic packaging containers, but it still has irreplaceable advantages in the packaging field, and is still a high-level cosmetic packaging in the short term. Thoroughness, purity and grace are the charms of glass cosmetic bottles. Compared with plastic cosmetic bottles, their heavy and heaviness can enhance the brand's grade and make consumers more trustworthy. The unique visual effect of the frosted glass cosmetic bottle is far more incomparable than that of the plastic cosmetic bottle. When producing plastic cosmetic bottles, it is impossible to achieve the effect of matte and frosted surface through mold surface treatment, and only post-processing oil injection treatment can be performed, the effect is much inferior, and the cost is quite high. Compared with the plain glass cosmetic bottle, the frosted glass cosmetic bottle is elegant and gorgeous, has a good fog feeling, good decorative shading effect, and has more decorative functions.

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Using the glass cosmetic bottles packaging, not only because glass cosmetic bottle packaging can bring good visual effects, but also its good sealing and chemical stability is the key to ensuring the quality of cosmetics. And glass cosmetic bottle packaging gives people a feeling of atmosphere and high-grade. Therefore, many cosmetic brands will choose glass cosmetic bottles as cosmetic packaging to improve the grade of cosmetics itself. In addition, some ingredients will fail in the presence of air, and the expensive ingredients are meaningless, and will also affect the mood of consumers, but the glass bottle has good chemical stability, which better solves this problem. Therefore, it is obviously reasonable to choose glass bottles as cosmetic packaging. Glass cosmetic bottle packaging can effectively ensure that cosmetic ingredients will not volatilize, and their ingredients will not come into contact with the air, so they can better ensure their quality.