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Analysis of factors affecting the future supply of PET cosmetic packaging in China

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Author : Cecilia Peng
Update time : 2020-09-22 11:17:56
1. The purchasing power of residents has gradually increased and the consumption structure has been upgraded

China is currently in the stage of consumption upgrading, and the increasing demand for mid-to-high-end consumer products has brought about the rapid growth of the consumer industry.
As a terminal consumer product, cosmetics benefited from China's consumption upgrades, thereby driving the rapid development of the upstream packaging industry. Some economically developed areas, such as coastal cities, have entered a higher level of consumption. In particular, middle and high-income groups marked by per capita GDP exceeding US$3,000 are forming and expanding. These people have a high propensity to consume and are the new main force of consumption. The increasing purchasing power level of urban and rural residents and the upgrading of consumption structure have brought huge development space to the cosmetics industry and the supporting cosmetics packaging industry.

2. The rapid development of the cosmetics industry has driven the development of the cosmetics packaging industry

The cosmetics packaging market maintains a positive correlation with the cosmetics market. In recent years, China's cosmetics market has developed rapidly. Correspondingly, the cosmetics packaging market has also maintained a rapid development trend.

3. The marketing of cosmetics manufacturers needs to promote the rapid growth of the cosmetic packaging industry

With the improvement of people's consumption level and the enhancement of consumption ability, the production and sales of cosmetics and detergents have achieved unprecedented development, and market competition has become increasingly fierce. Since the new appearance and the use of more user-friendly packaging will make consumers fall in love with it, thereby enhancing the sales competitiveness of the product in the market, so whether it is a well-known international brand or a small brand that is striving to win market recognition, they all hope Attract buyers' attention through unique packaging. In this case, packaging is regarded as a powerful "pioneer" to support brand positioning; and the strategies it advocates such as eye-catching design, multi-brand segmentation, and market segmentation will be effective. Cosmetic packaging suppliers have a great influence. Correspondingly, suppliers will continue to innovate in line with the market, leading to the emergence of new packaging concepts.

4. Development of cosmetic plastic packaging

With the continuous introduction of new technologies and new products, plastic containers have achieved the transparent characteristics that only glass had in the past. In addition, plastic packaging has obvious advantages over glass packaging: small specific gravity, easy coloring, strong plasticity, and It can be made into bottles of various shapes and the price is low, suitable for mass production. The diversity and plasticity of plastics make the application range of plastic materials and their composite materials in cosmetic packaging more and more, and they have become increasingly popular packaging materials. , The market demand has grown substantially.

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