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Choose the most suitable cream for yourself

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Author : Cecilia Peng
Update time : 2020-10-12 15:28:48
Choose right or not expensive, choose face cream (freckle cream/moisturizing cream)

It’s winter before we know it. I think it’s really hard to get up early. We also need to add a lot of clothes when we go out. When I add clothes to myself, do I have to add a piece of clothing to my face? This season, the skin is easy to dry, so you need moisturizing and hydrating skin care products, so the first choice is facial cream~

Face creams have different effects, so how should we choose? Today I made a collection of creams with different effects~

Choose different creams according to different ingredients, this is our basis~

-Repair and maintain stability-

North American Witch Hazel: It can reduce the instability of the skin and help the skin restore calmness.

Centella Asiatica: can promote the self-repair of the skin and stimulate the production of collagen

Ceramide: powerful moisturizing and water-locking function, repair damaged skin

-Whitening and spotting-

Vitamin C: Natural oxidant, prevent and treat skin sunburn Niacinamide: Inhibit melanin precipitation and reduce the already dull melanin

Arbutin: whiten spots and remove dullness~

-Anti-aging and firming-

Vitamin E: Clear the body free, block the oxidation reaction to generate wrinkles

Peptide: can avoid muscle contraction, reduce dynamic lines and eliminate wrinkles

Bosein: Promote the regeneration of dermis proteoglycan and enhance skin elasticity

-Anti-inflammatory and acne-

Plant essence: plant-based hydrating, more gentle, soothing the skin

Tea tree: has the effect of sterilizing and removing acne, purifying pores, and inhibiting the growth of acne

Salicylic acid: can penetrate into lipid-rich pores to remove aging keratin

The specific effect should be used according to the different needs of each person, so you must take a good look~
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