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Five Categories Of Cosmetics Packaging Plastic Molds

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Update time : 2023-08-17 15:31:09
Cosmetic packaging plastic molds are tools that are neutralized by the plastic processing industry and plastic molding machine, and give plastic products with complete configuration and size. According to different forming methods, it can be divided into different mold types.

PET cosmetic bottles and jars
Mold, industrial production is used for injection molding, blowing plastic, extrusion, die casting or forging molding, smelting, stamping and other methods to obtain various molds and tools of the required products. In short, molds are tools used to make molding items. This tool consists of various parts, and different molds are composed of different parts. It mainly achieves the shape of the item through changes in the physical state of the forming material.
1. injection molding mold
It is mainly the most commonly used molding mold in the production of thermoplastic plastic products. The processing equipment corresponding to the injection molding mold is an injection molding machine. The plastic first heated the heating in the injection molding machine and is heated and melts. Driven by plug, the pouring system of the injection molding machine and the mold enters the mold cavity, the plastic cooling and hardening is formed, and the mold is obtained from the product.
Its structure is usually composed of forming components, pouring systems, guide components, launching mechanisms, temperature regulation systems, exhaust systems, support components, etc., and manufacture cosmetics plastic mold steel. Injection molding processing method is usually only suitable for the production of thermoplastic ingredients. Plastic products produced by injection molding process are very wide. From daily necessities to various complicated electrical appliances and automotive parts, they are formed by injection molding molds. The most widely used processing method in plastic products.
2. blowing molding mold
It is used to form a mold of plastic container (such as beverage bottles, daily necessities and other packaging containers). The form of blowing molding is based on the principle of process principles. The principles are mainly squeezed out of the vacuum forming, injection blow molding, and the vacancy in the injection extension (commonly known as injection and pulling), multi -layer blow molding medium empty forming, sheet blow molding medium empty forming, etc.
The device corresponding to hollow products blowing molding is usually called plastic blowing molding machine. The blow molding is only suitable for the production of thermoplastic varieties. The structure of blowing molds is relatively simple, and the materials used are mostly made of carbon.
3. extruded mold
A type of molded molds used to form continuous shapes of production, also known as extruded molding machines, is widely used in pipes, rods, single wires, plate materials, film, wire -cable cover layers, and alien profiles.
Rather than the corresponding production equipment is a plastic extruder, the principle is that solid plastic melted, plasticized under the condition of the screw rotation and pressure of the heating and extruder, and the cross -section is the same as the portal shape of the mouth mold through the specific shape of the mouth mold. Continuous plastic products. Its manufacturing materials mainly include carbon structure steel, alloy tools, etc. Some squeezed molds are inlaid with wear -resistant materials such as diamonds on components that need wear resistance.
Squeezing the production process is usually only suitable for the production of thermoplastic plastic products, which is significantly different from the structure of injection molding mold and compression molding mold.
4. plastic molding mold
A mold with plastic plates and slices as raw materials for molding some simplest plastic products. The principle is to use the vacuum -free blooming method or compressing air molding method In the case of softening, it deforms and pasted on the mold cavity of the mold. It is mainly used for the production of some daily necessities, food, and toy packaging products.
The pressure of suction molds is low in pressure, so the mold materials are mostly made of cast aluminum or non -metallic material, and the structure is relatively simple.
5. pressure plastic mold
Including two structural mold types, compression molding and pressure injection molding. They are a type of mold mainly used to form thermometry plastic, and the corresponding equipment is the pressure molding machine.
The compressed molding method is heated to the molding temperature according to the plastic characteristics (usually at 103 ° 108 °), and then put the measured pressure plastic powder into the mold cavity and feed room. Softening and sticking, solidifying after a certain period of time, becomes the shape of the required product.
The difference between the pressure forming and the compression molding is that there is no separate feeding room. The mold is closed first before the molding. The plastic is preheated in the feed room.
Plastic molding molds are mainly composed of cavity, feeding cavity, guide agency, launching components, heating systems, etc. Pressure molds are widely used in packaging electrical components. The materials used for compressing mold manufacturing are basically the same as the injection mold.
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