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What Plastic Material Is Good For The Cream Bottle?

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Update time : 2023-08-25 19:16:08
Cream bottle is an important category of cosmetic packaging materials. The market share is relatively large. But cream is neither a liquid, but also somewhat different from a solid, and has a certain viscosity. So cream jar packaging will be different from other packaging types. Cream jars are mainly packaged in glass, plastic and hoses on the market, the most important of which are plastic cream jars.

Acrylic Lotion Pump Bottles
There are many materials for plastic cream jars: PP, PET, PETG, acrylic, etc. Among the many plastic cream jars, acrylic cream jars are better. There are many obvious advantages for acrylic cream bottle packaging:
1. The appearance of acrylic cream bottle is similar to glass, and its temperament is especially suitable for the packaging needs of complex cosmetics.
2. The packaging of the acrylic cream bottle is durable, and the glass cream bottle is easy to break.
3. The acrylic cream bottle has a heavy feel and a good process expansion. These are the reasons why the acrylic cream bottle packaging is popular in the cosmetic packaging market.
Of course, acrylic cream bottles also have some shortcomings.
First of all, the sealing performance of the acrylic cream bottle is not good, and it is easy for bacteria to enter after the large-caliber opening. This is why medicinal creams do not use acrylic cream bottles. Secondly, acrylic cream bottle packaging is not easy to squeeze, and tube packaging is relatively more convenient to squeeze.
Of course, although acrylic is better for plastic cream bottles, in fact, according to the current technology, plastic materials such as PP and pet can also produce very good cream bottles, and they have more advantages in terms of price. After all, an enterprise should not only consider the packaging material, but also consider the market positioning of the product and the selling price cost. Only when these are compatible with each other, is the better material for the cream bottle.

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