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Update time : 2022-12-14 16:02:53
Cosmetics need to be packaged separately and corresponding packaging need to be purchased, so cosmetic packaging on the market are more popular. Our cosmetic packaging for cosmetics and skin care products are still very complete. Whether it's for face toner, lotion, cream or serum etc, you'll find the suitable cosmetic packaging bottles, cosmetic jars or cosmetic tubes, some cosmetic bottles with applicators and droppers, pumps. Color and printing can also be customized according to your requirements.

foam bottle and cosmetic jar set
Cosmetic packaging manufacturer tell you the indispensable daily necessities in modern life. Even during the epidemic, cosmetics are still an indispensable substance in people's daily life. The cosmetic industry is a very large industry. There are many aspects to this. From the perspective of the entire industry, the origin of the cosmetics industry is formulation, design and product positioning. Followed by raw material procurement and product manufacturers. Promotions and channel sales are industry related parties that have a strong relationship with consumers. Different companies involve different links.
According to the plastic material, cosmetic bottles can be divided into PE blow bottles ( softer, more solid colors ), PP blow bottles ( harder, more solid colors ), PET bottles ( good transparency, mostly used for toner and hair products, is Environmentally friendly materials ), PETG bottle blowing ( brightness is better than PET, is an environmentally friendly material ).


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