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Why Are Round Cosmetic Bottle So Popular?

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Update time : 2023-02-23 18:35:48
We have seen a lot of plastic cosmetics packaging bottles on the market. Have you ever thought that most of them are round plastic cosmetic bottles. It is really just round cosmetic bottle packaging? What are the other reasons? Let's take a look with Guangzhou Yello Packaging.

round PET colorful cosmetic dropper bottle
In terms of aesthetics, round cosmetic bottles are more in line with public aesthetics and are more durable.
In terms of psychology, round cosmetics bottles are more likely to make people feel comfortable, and it is not easy to cause people to be confused and uncomfortable.
In terms of packaging technology, round shapes are relatively simple, and other shapes of plastic cosmetics bottles need to make separate molds, and the process is complicated.
In terms of cost, the circular area is larger and can save raw materials. It does not take up space during transportation and can reduce production costs.
From the perspective of the experience, the round is convenient to grip, and the grip is more comfortable.
There are many functions of cosmetic packaging. Round plastic cosmetic bottles have a variety of advantages to achieve its classic image.

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