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Cosmetic Packaging - Vacuum Bottle

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Update time : 2023-03-03 15:24:15
What is a vacuum bottle?
A vacuum bottle refers to a container that can insulate gas from the outside temperature or a container that isolates external bacteria. Its design principle is to use the contraction force of the metal spring to prevent air from entering the bottle, resulting in a vacuum state, and to use atmospheric pressure to push the piston at the bottom of the bottle forward.

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Application of vacuum bottle in cosmetic packaging
While paying attention to the protection and decoration of skin care product packaging, manufacturers have begun to focus on developing the functionality of skin care product packaging, so that the concepts of "fresh", "natural" and "preservative-free" are worthy of the name. The introduction of vacuum bottles conforms to the latest development trend of skin care products and can effectively protect the freshness of products.
The contents of the vacuum bottle can be completely isolated from the air, so as to prevent the product from being oxidized and deteriorated due to contact with the air, and the breeding of bacteria. It also improves the product level with its high-tech concept.
Vacuum bottles are currently the best containers for isolating external bacteria in cosmetic packaging. The greater advantages of vacuum bottles: hygiene, beauty, and no waste.

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