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Why Is PET Material Suitable For Making Cosmetics Plastic Bottles?

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Update time : 2023-03-10 10:18:33
Why use PET materials to make cosmetics plastic bottles? Guangzhou Yello Packaging first take you to know what PET is. PET is a creamy or light yellow highly crystalline polymer with smooth and shiny surface. Creep resistance, fatigue resistance, friction resistance and size stability, small wear and high hardness.

translucent cosmetic lotion bottle

PET has greater toughness in thermoplastic plastic: good electrical insulation performance, less affected by temperature, but poor dizziness. Non -toxic, climatic resistance, anti -chemicals have good stability, low water absorption rate, weak acid resistance and organic solvents, but not soaked in heat water and not alkali. The glassization temperature of PET resin is high, the crystallization speed is slow, the molding cycle is long, the molding cycle is long, the molding and contraction rate is large, the size stability is poor, the crystallization is crispy, and the heat resistance is low.
Through the improvement of nuclear and crystallizers and glass fibers, in addition to the nature of PBT, PET also has the following characteristics:
1. Thermal deformation temperature and long -term use temperature are higher among thermoplastic universal engineering plastics;
2. Because the heat resistance is high, PET is impregnated with 10S in a welded bath at 250 ° C, which is almost non -deformation and does not change color. It is especially suitable for preparation of electronics and electrical parts of tin welding.
3. The curved strength is 200MPa, the elastic modulus reaches 4000MPa, the creep resistance and fatigue are also very good, the surface hardness is high, and the mechanical properties are similar to the thermal solid plastic.
4. Since the price of ethylene glycol used in PET is almost half cheaper than the price of butanol used in PBT, PET resin and enhanced PET are lower prices in engineering plastics and have high cost performance.
PET is a clear and light form of polyester. Foods and beverages, cosmetics containers packaged into plastic bottles and containers, and many other consumer products. Such as glass, PET is hygienic and strong. It is resistant to microorganisms to attack, does not respond to food or drinks, and will not have biodegradation. The use of food and drinks is confirmed by the health authorities around the world. But unlike glass, PET is very light, simple, transport and not broken. This is why it can be applied to the packaging of cosmetics food and drinks.
PET has been approved to be safe through the US FDA, the Department of Health of Canada, the European Food Safety Administration and almost all other health and safety institutions in the world to contact food and beverages. It has been used in food and beverage containers for decades without any adverse effects. The extensive research of PET and PET packaging has repeatedly indicated that it is safe.
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