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How To Attract Consumers On Labels Of PET Cosmetic Bottles

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Update time : 2023-03-24 15:38:32
Everyone knows that it is important to find a good PET cosmetic bottle, but in fact, it is also important to design a unique label. Next, let the PET cosmetic bottle manufacturer Yello Packaging share it for you, how to attract consumers on the label?

Shampoo bottle with label
1. The product label should be combined with the product. The design of the label should consider the material, shape, and size of the container. The characteristics of PET cosmetic bottle, generally cosmetic bottle types can be divided into conventional bottle type and different types of bottle. The conventional bottle types include oval, round, oblique shoulders, flat shoulders, wide -mouth bottles, etc.
2. The design of the label also needs to be combined with the style of the product. Like the Amino Mason shampoos we all know, the bottle body of the Mason cup, the label of the art font, full of ins.
3. The design of labels should be combined with environmental protection themes. Nowadays, the product packaging is required to be recyclable. The selection of the labels should also be used as much as possible. Some brands are better to make a better PET cosmetic bottle.
From the perspective of PET cosmetic bottle manufacturers, the current label production is becoming more and more exquisite, and we require us to continuously improve the technology and improve the level of design.
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