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The Difference Between Plastic Cosmetic Bottle And Glass Cosmetic Bottle

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Update time : 2023-05-06 15:29:34
Let's first understand these two cosmetics packaging materials
The composition of cosmetics is relatively complicated. It is very easy to react with various substances in the air and affect the quality of cosmetics. Cosmetic container packaging has an important protective role.
The ingredients of the two materials of plastic and glass are as follows:
From the detection of plastic cosmetic bottle packaging materials, it is known that plastic bottles mainly include PET, PE,  PP and other materials. The main ingredient is resin, and resin refers to a polymer compound that has not yet mixed with various additives. As a polymer synthetic material, plastic has many types. Light weight, strong strength, good impact resistance, good resistance to transparency, and good color processing performance, easy to carry, storage and transportation and mechanical processing, and are favored by consumers and manufacturers. However, the detection data of many packaging materials show that the migration phenomenon of the material migration of cosmetics plastic packaging containers has also increasingly attracted consumers.

flat shoulder cylinder PETG plastic dropper bottles

The detection of glass cosmetic bottle packaging materials can be seen that most glass bottle is an amorphous inorganic non -metallic material. Generally, it is made of a variety of inorganic minerals, and a small amount of auxiliary raw materials are added. Its main ingredients are silicon dioxide and other oxides. As a traditional packaging product, the glass detection of the packaging materials of it seems to have many rare characteristics. Due to the advantages of good chemical stability, not easy to penetrate, good transparency, high temperature tolerance, and rich raw materials, etc. The high -end cosmetics of the packaging container occupy a very important position in the market. However, the characteristics of large weight, poor printing performance, crushing, and inconvenient storage and transportation and carrying are also greatly restricted to the position in the market.
How to view the safety of cosmetics plastic bottle packaging?
Taking plastic as a packaging material, the manufacturer will add stabilizers, antioxidants, plasticizers and other additives during the processing process to meet the performance requirements of plastic bottle packaging containers. In addition, when the long -term contact between cosmetics and plastic may cause small molecules (such as plastic monomers, additives, volatile substances, harmful substances, etc.) to the packaging content in the plastic packaging material of cosmetics. When the plastic bottle cosmetics test the packaging material, temperature changes are usually done. If the external environment such as temperature changes occurs, it will also cause the migration of harmful substances.
For the cosmetics of the plastic bottle packaging container, in addition to the changes in performance due to chemical reactions, the plastic packaging itself will also cause the stability and quality of cosmetics due to changes in the external environment. The amount of harmful substances in plastic packaging materials pose a certain threat to human health, so it is important to ensure the safety of plastic packaging materials. This is also the significance of the detection of cosmetics plastic packaging materials. The packaging materials and packaging methods also require consumers to carefully check the relevant content when buying to ensure the quality and use of cosmetics.
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