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Quality Requirements Of Cosmetic Packaging

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Update time : 2023-05-19 13:43:37
Special needle for cosmetic packaging, comprehensively the needs and standards of purchasing users of different cosmetic packaging, and talk about their basic quality requirements for reference:
Basic requirements for cosmetic container packaging:

1. Cosmetic Bottle
The cosmetic bottle body should be smooth, the surface is smooth, the thickness of the cosmetic bottle wall is basically uniform, no obvious scars, deformation, and no cold explosion and cracks. The cosmetic bottle mouth should be positive and smooth, and the burrs (woolen mouth) are not used. The coordination of the cosmetic bottle and the lid should be tightly, no tooth, loosening, and no leakage. The inside and outside of the bottle should be clean.
2. Cosmetic Tube
The tube body of the cosmetic tube should be smooth, neat, thick and uniform, without obvious scratches, and the color should be uniform. The cosmetic tube seal should be firm and positive, and there should be no opening and wrinkles (except for the normal indentation of the mold). The composite membrane of the cosmetic tube should not float.
3. lid
Inner cover: The inner lid should be complete, smooth, clean, and non -deformation. The coordination of the inner lid and the bottle and the outer cover should be good. The inner cover should not be leaked.
Outer cover: The outer cover should be positive, smooth, no broken, cracks, and burrs (woolen mouth). The color of the outer lid should be uniform. The color of the outer cover threaded structure should be intact, and the color of the electrical aluminum or bleeding outer cover should be uniform. Flinks should be flexibly flipped, and there is no broken part. The cooperation between the lid and the bottle should be tight, without slippery teeth and loosening.
4. Spray bottle
The spray bottle is flat, rusty spots, smooth welds, no obvious scratching, concave can, and the color should be uniform. The roll mouth of the spray bottle should be smooth and should not have wrinkles, cracks and deformation.
5. Spray Pump
The nozzle should be discharged, clean, and no damage and cracks. The arranging components should be complete to ensure that the spray pump is unobstructed.
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