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How To Determine The Raw Materials For The Customization Of Shampoo Bottle

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Update time : 2023-04-21 13:56:21
There are many plastic materials for making shampoo bottle. PET, PP, PE are relatively common materials. When considering what materials are used, you need to combine the characteristics of each material and the use and function of plastic bottle.

soft touch white squeeze shampoo bottle

The PET plastic bottle can be said to be a perfect combination, which has the transparent texture of the glass bottle, but also maintains the characteristics of the non -fragile, environmental protection, and good transportation of plastic bottle. And its plasticity is strong, which can shape different bottle types and different capacity. It also has excellent resistance to gas, water, oil, and odor performance. It is good for liquids such as watery water.
PP is a polypropylene, a very friendly plastic raw material because it is non -toxic, tasteless, safe and healthy. The PP material also has very heat resistance, which can carry out product sterilization work at a temperature of more than 100 degrees Celsius. PP material also has a very good performance, that is, good stretching and can bear hundreds of bending.
PE is polyethylene, divided into two types. The plastic bottles of this material have the characteristics of stable chemical properties, good acid resistance, good alkaline, high resistance, and good sealing performance. The PE bottle is relatively soft, and it will have a wax texture when it feels. Compared with the same plastic, the quality is lighter.
How to distinguish these materials when making a shampoo bottle? In general, PE and PP are all translucent and waxy polymers. PE raw materials touch the product with a smooth feeling, soft and tough.
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