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Why Is The Price Difference Between Different PET Cosmetic Packaging Bottles?

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Update time : 2023-04-28 16:53:16
Searching the PET cosmetic packaging bottle online, you will find that they all are PET cosmetic packaging bottle., some are more expensive, but some are cheap. The price is uneven. What is the reason?

PET cosmetic packaging spray bottles
1. Real and fake. There are many types of raw materials for plastic cosmetic packaging bottles, PE, PP, PVC, PET, etc. Among them, PET performance is particularly prominent. It is the most raw material. Some merchants will use some waste, repayment, and produced plastic in order to reduce costs. The quality of the cosemtic packaging bottle will also be worse.
2. Production equipment. In addition to raw materials that affect the price of plastic cosmetic packaging bottles, there are also machinery and equipment used in production. Some manufacturers have backward production equipment, the quality of product production cannot be guaranteed, and it also consumes a large labor cost. Some manufacturers use imported advanced equipment. The quality of products produced is good, and the degree of automation is high, which also reduces expensive labor costs.
3. Packaging design. Now the pursuit of packaging is personalized, with unique advantages, so good design can also add a lot of value to packaging.
When purchasing the PET cosmetic packaging bottle, you must know how to analyze the different factors affecting the price and find out the price -performance manufacturers.

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