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The Importance Of The Mouth Of Plastic Cosmetic Bottles

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Update time : 2023-05-12 10:45:35
The mouth of a plastic cosmetic bottle looks like a small one, but its function cannot be underestimated. Whether its quality is up to standard will directly affect the success or failure of the entire packaging bottle. If it can be carefully designed, it will also greatly enhance consumers' satisfaction. sense of experience.

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1. Why is the body of the plastic cosmetic bottle very thin, but the mouth of the bottle is generally thick?
This is because the mouth of the bottle needs to be sealed, and it will be subject to a squeezing force. If it is made too thin, it will be easily deformed, so that the sealing effect will not be achieved.
2. Why should the caliber of plastic cosmetic bottles be unified?
This is very important, because there is no uniformity, and the bottle mouths produced by everyone vary greatly, which will seriously affect the matching of caps, and it is also not conducive to mass production by manufacturers.
3. Why does the design of the bottle mouth affect the consumer experience?
Different bottle usage scenarios and methods are different. For dried fruit snacks, jars need to be used, and the mouth of beverage bottles is required to be moderate. For different users such as children and adults, the design should also be different. Some pharmaceutical packaging bottles require narrow mouths and fine holes.
The humanization of the design of the mouth of plastic packaging bottles should start from the actual needs of consumers, solve the pain points of users, and improve the consumption experience.
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