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The Difference Between Shampoo Bottle Private Model And Public Model

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Update time : 2023-05-26 12:13:00
When buying a shampoo bottle, you will always worry about whether the products you buy will infringement. In fact, this is the difference between a public model and private model. Before purchasing, you may wish to follow Yello Packaging to find out.

PE soft touch shampoo bottle
What is the public model? The public model is public, that is, after the manufacturer is opened, anyone can buy this set of mold production products. The public model is cheaper and has a relatively stable quality. Models do not involve any copyright issues.
What is the private model? Private models are independent molds, owned by developers, and manufacturers are only for custody. Others cannot use this set of molds to produce products. Buyers can buy private model copyrights, or they can develop private models by themselves, but the cost is relatively high and generally not adopted. If other people's private models are stolen, they will constitute infringement and need legal responsibility.
Public models, private models, each profit and disadvantage. When purchasing and washing packaging bottles, you need to choose on demand, while avoiding the legal risks caused by misuse of private models.

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