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How To Distinguish PET And PE Plastic Cosmetic Bottles?

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Update time : 2022-12-23 14:54:49
Both PET plastic cosmetic bottles and PE plastic cosmetic bottles are "popular". You can see their packaging everywhere, but in many cases you may not be able to distinguish them clearly. Here is a good way to make you no longer worry. Let's take a look at the difference between them following Guangzhou Yello Packaging Step.

cosmetic bottles and jar
First, look at the transparency. Generally, PET plastic cosmetic bottles have better transparency than PE;

Second, look at the bottle mouth, the inner wall of the PET cosmetic bottle mouth is very neat and clean, and the thread is quite obvious.
Third, look at the bottom, there is a dot on the bottom of the PET bottle, and there is a line on the bottom of the PE bottle.
Fourth, look at the numbers. There is a triangle at the bottom of the PET plastic cosmetic bottle, and the word "1" inside is the PET bottle. There are two types of PE, one is HDPE and the other is LDPE. The number inside the triangle at the bottom is " 2".
In addition, you can also distinguish it by your senses. If you pinch it with your hands, the loud sound is PET, while the waxy feel is PE..

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