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How To Choose Shampoo Bottles?

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Update time : 2022-12-30 12:11:50
Nowadays, consumers are becoming more and more picky. They not only require high-quality shampoo bottles, but also have high requirements for shampoo bottle packaging. What kind of shampoo bottle packaging can customers like?

pink shampoo bottle HDPE material

1. Size

Shampoo bottles for personal care on the market come in different sizes, ranging in capacity from a few hundred milliliters to several liters. Shampoo bottles of different sizes have different usage scenarios and requirements. If it is too large for long-term repeated use, it does not conform to consumer habits, and if it is too small, it will be troublesome to buy repeatedly. Some products are used for business trips, and some products need to be carried on the plane, and the capacity and size have different requirements.

2. Shape

The shape design of the shampoo bottles must also be based on the needs of consumers. The design must be reasonable, convenient for consumers to hold and use, and there must be a certain degree of recognition in the shape. Some manufacturers are "lazy" in the packaging, and the packaging of the same series of products is basically unchanged. The result is that consumers often can't tell the difference when using it.

3. Material

Shampoo bottles are made of various materials, such as PET, PETG, PP, PE, Glass etc. Each material has various characteristics. Choose the corresponding material according to your product, and at the same time ensure the quality of the shampoo packaging bottle without defects. , burrs, feel comfortable to hold.
A good product should have a good packaging. When the shampoo bottles for personal care can have multiple advantages, it will definitely be favored by customers.

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