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The Development Trend Of Plastic Shampoo Bottles

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Update time : 2023-01-06 11:35:40
In the personal care industry, plastic packaging is still the most commonly used of all packaging materials. In an era of escalating consumption, what is the forecast for the development trend of plastic shampoo bottle packaging?
In the future, the plastic shampoo bottle packaging will still tend to be environmentally friendly, lightweight, smart, and good-looking.

custom color PET shampoo bottles
1. Environmental protection.
Environmental protection is still the focus of the industry in the future. Many brand companies in many countries advocate green packaging for their products.
2. Lightweight.
Whether it is glass shampoo bottle or plastic shampoo bottle packaging, the whole industry is talking about lightweight packaging, and lightweight packaging has always been a major trend in the packaging field. Many personal care brands are very fond of lightweight packaging. Reducing the weight of packaging not only effectively saves resources and reduces costs, but also effectively protects the environment. With the rise of raw material prices in the future, lightweight packaging will still be very important to enterprises.
3. Intelligence.
Smart packaging is an upgrade on the basic packaging and has certain communication functions, such as adding unique anti-counterfeiting functions, traceability functions, and interactive functions with consumers. At present, this feature is still in the embryonic stage and needs more development.
4. Good looks.
This is an era of "looking at the face". One of the conditions that must be met to become an Internet celebrity is good-looking. The same is true for plastic bottles for washing and care. As daily necessities, they may only emphasize their product functions in the past, but now there is an additional standard-high appearance. value. The expression of high appearance value can be the gorgeous color, the unique shape, or the high-end quality.
5. Price.
With the continuous upgrading of packaging and more and more customization of packaging, the price of plastic shampoo bottles will increase accordingly in the future.
In the future, the development direction of shampoo bottles is likely to still be the above points.
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