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What You Must Know About Custom Plastic Cosmetic Bottle Molds?

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Update time : 2023-02-10 18:44:24
Some brand merchants choose to open molds and customize plastic cosmetic packaging bottles for cleaning and care. The quality of the molds will directly affect the final molding effect of the cosmetic packaging bottles. Therefore, when developing molds, purchasers must also understand some basic common sense.
There are mainly five factors that affect the quality of the mold, temperature, pressure, speed, time, and position. The temperature refers to the drying temperature of the polymer, the temperature of the polymer filling and molding, and the temperature of the mold. The speed refers to the speed of the injection mold, the melting speed, the loosening speed, the opening and closing speed of the mold and the front and back speed of the thimble. Pressure refers to injection pressure, holding pressure, back pressure, clamping pressure, mold protection pressure, and ejection pressure. Time refers to the cooling time, sol time, drying time, cooling time, melting time, drying time, cycle, injection time, and holding time during the plastic mold processing. Position refers to the mold opening position, ejection and retreat stroke, metering stroke, loose leg amount, injection stroke, and buffer amount during plastic mold processing.
The design of the mold will affect the quality of the entire mold, and ultimately affect the finished product of the plastic packaging bottle, so it must be considered comprehensively. The mold structure should be as compact as possible, easy to operate, taking into account practicality and safety, and the convenience of maintenance. In the specific design, it is very important that the transfer points of each surface of the mold parts should be designed as a round corner transition, so as to avoid the problem of stress concentration.
The bottle blowing mold is a very critical part of bottle forming. When customizing plastic cosmetic packaging bottles for cleaning and care, it is necessary to find professional manufacturers for cooperation in purchasing.
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