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The advantage of PET plastic spray bottle

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Update time : 2023-02-17 11:55:01
In the past, plastic cosmetic bottle packaging was mainly based on simple spiral lids. However, the application of spray bottles packaging has become more and more in recent years., but most of people don’t know spray bottle very well. Today, follow the step of Yello Packaging to learn some knowledge about the spray bottle.
The fields of spray bottles of different materials are different, mainly depending on the characteristics of their own materials. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the same point is that they are prone to react and deformation under the action of high temperature. So when we use various spray bottles, we also have to recognize its material.
fancy fine mist spray bottle
We all know that plastic is also made from various materials: PET, HDPE, PE, PP, PS and other materials. Therefore, the spray bottle is also inseparable from these materials.
The spray bottle is generally made of PET material. It has a strong texture and is very high. It will not cause damage. It is very sealing, moisture -proof, and hygiene. Compared with other plastic cosmetic bottles, spray There are many very special places in the bottle, which can be used for alcohol disinfection.

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