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Learn About The Purchase Of Shampoo Bottle

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Update time : 2023-03-30 17:51:13
Because you have just been in contact with the body care and hair care industry or a novice to purchase shampoo bottle, you often make mistakes because of lack of experience. Next, you can learn about the procurement of the shampoo bottle with Yello Packaging.

Soft touch HDPE shampoo bottle packaging
First, the choice of shampoo bottle material
There are many plastic materials for shampoo bottle to choose from, but the most widely used is PET plastic bottle. Next, look at the advantage of PET plastic bottle:
1. Safety is better than glass bottle;
2. It is convenient for long -distance transportation;
3. Good portable performance, which is in line with the psychology of seeking new and different from young people;
4. PET plastic bottle type and capacity selection are more flexible, and plastic space is large.
5. High transparency can block ultraviolet rays and have good gloss.
Second, the choice of shampoo bottle cap

From the initial screw cap, to the flip top cap and disc cap, and then to the current squeezing lotion pump, the bottle cap is constantly upgrading. However, there are some defects in the currently squeezed shampoo bottle cap. Some are laborious or not easy to squeeze when pressing, and need to be improved in quality or style.
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