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How To Solve The Problem That The Spray Bottle Cannot Spray Mist

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Author : Maggie Liang
Update time : 2022-09-22 18:36:31
Spray bottles are widely used and can be used in our daily life, but we always encounter such a situation that the spray bottle cannot spray mist. How to solve this? Today, cosmetic bottles manufacturer Yello Packaging will tell you.

fiine mist spray bottle
To solve this problem, we need to understand what causes the spray bottle to not spray mist?
Common failure cause 1: The nozzle of the spray bottle is blocked.
The key channel through which the spray bottle can spray mist is the nozzle of the spray bottle. Moreover, the nozzle of the spray bottle is composed of many tiny holes. If the liquid in the spray bottle contains a certain amount of solid particles, these solid particles will inevitably be blocked during the spraying process of the spray bottle. at the nozzle of the spray bottle. This directly caused the phenomenon that the spray bottle could not spray the mist.
Solution: Open the spray bottle and clean the nozzle of the spray bottle, so that the small holes of the spray bottle nozzle can be restored to smooth.
Common failure reason 2: There is a problem with the airtightness of the spray bottle, which causes the pressure in the bottle to fail to meet the spray requirements.
The reason why the spray bottle can be sprayed is that a high-pressure system is formed in the spray bottle, and the higher pressure in the bottle causes the liquid in the bottle to be sprayed out in the form of a mist. The key to ensuring the formation of a high-pressure system inside the spray bottle is the airtightness of the spray bottle. If there is a problem with the airtightness of the spray bottle, the pressure inside the bottle will be the same as the outside world, and the phenomenon of inability to spray will occur.
Solution: Open the spray bottle, check the bottle body and gasket and other components of the spray bottle, and replace the damaged device. Under normal circumstances, the reason for the loose sealing of the spray bottle is that the gasket is damaged, and the bottle body will not be damaged.
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