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Is It Better To Use Lotion Pump Bottle Or Cosmetic Dropper Bottle For The Essence?

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Update time : 2022-11-16 17:16:42
Autumn is the driest and most sensitive period for skin. We need to take good care of our skin so that the skin can absorb the correct essence. The essence can not only promote the absorption of skin care products, open the way of absorption, but also replenish water from the bottom of the skin. There are fine lines and spots on the face, let Yello Packaging take you to see which one is better, the serum pump bottle or serum dropper bottle.

Lotion Pump Bottle ( serum pump bottle ):
Advantages: The lotion pump head is the first choice for skin care products. When using it, you can use the whole face by pressing one pump, unlike some products that are designed to take too much essence and cause waste of essence.

Yello luxury glass serum pump bottles
Cosmetic Dropper Bottle ( serum dropper bottle ):
Advantages: There are many skin care products on the market now, and people have higher and higher requirements for cosmetics, and many essences are packed in cosmetic dropper bottles. Its advantage is that you don't need to take the product with your hands, and avoid the inevitable waste when pouring. The dropper-style essence is also very convenient to extract the amount, so that it will not be too much essence when applied to the face.
Nowadays, the packaging of cosmetic essences will be packaged in glass, and the capacity is mostly 10-30ml. In terms of bottle design, but now there are many serum packaging bottles made of plastic. The thickness of the plastic cosmetic bottle used is similar to that of glass, and the hardness is also , and resistant to falling, and the production process and related accessories are basically the same as those of glass. This kind of bottle is called thick wall plastic cosmetic bottle on the market.
Yello Glass serum dropper bottle

round glass serum dropper bottle
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