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Problems Needing Attention In OEM Customization Of Plastic Cosmetic Bottles

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Author : Maggie Liang
Update time : 2022-11-10 11:17:37
Problems that need to be paid attention to when choosing OEM customization for plastic cosmetic bottles:
① The cream bottle, bottle cap, bottle stopper, gasket, lotion pump, sprayer pump and bottle cover with thick wall usually used for cosmetic containers are injection molded; PET bottle blowing is two-step molding, bottle preform is injection molding, and finished cosmetic bottle packaging is blowing bottle. Others, such as lotion bottles and shampoo bottles with thin wall, are blowing bottles.
② PET material is an environmentally friendly material with high barrier properties, light weight, non-breaking properties, chemical resistance, and strong transparency. It can be made into pearlescent, colored, magnetic white, and transparent, and is widely used in gel water. The bottle mouth is generally standard 16#, 18#, 22#, 24# diameter, which can be used with a lotion pump or sprayer pump.
③ Acrylic material is injection-molded bottle, which has poor chemical resistance. Generally, paste cannot be directly filled. It needs to be equipped with an inner tank to block it. Cracks occur, and the packaging requirements are higher during transportation. It looks particularly obvious after scratches, has high permeability, and feels extra thick on the upper wall, but the price is quite expensive.

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④ AS, ABS: AS transparency is better than ABS, and toughness is better.
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