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OEM Custom Plastic Cosmetic Bottle Body Process Comparison

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Author : Maggie Liang
Update time : 2022-10-28 15:27:25
OEM custom plastic cosmetic bottle body process comparison:
① There are ordinary ink and UV ink for silk screen printing. UV ink has better effect, glossy and three-dimensional effect. During production, the color should be confirmed by printing first, and the screen printing effect of different materials will be different.
② Bronzing, hot-silvering and other processing techniques are different from those of printing gold powder and silver powder. Hard materials and smooth surfaces are more suitable for hot-stamping and hot-silvering. Soft surfaces have poor hot-stamping effect and are easy to fall off. Better than printing gold and silver.
③ The screen printing film should produce negative film, the graphic effect should be colored, the background color should be transparent, the hot stamping and hot silver process should produce positive film, the graphic effect should be transparent, and the background color should be colored. The proportion of text and patterns should not be too small or too thin, otherwise the effect will not be printed.
Cosmetic bottle cap problem: bottle caps are generally equipped with inner gaskets, pull caps and inner plugs, and very few are equipped with spoons or droppers, which are mainly due to their tightness and convenience of use.
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