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Is PE Plastic Cosmetic Bottle Better Or PET Plastic Cosmetic Bottle?

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Author : Maggie Liang
Update time : 2021-08-25 10:07:06
Many people who have not been involved in the plastics industry, whether they are the boss or people outside the industry, if they are not personally exposed to the professional guidance of the plastics industry, it is difficult to distinguish what is a PE plastic cosmetic bottle and what is a PET plastic cosmetic bottle? There are a lot of results from online search, but in fact, you don’t know how to identify it by touching it or observing it with the naked eye. Is a PE material plastic cosmetic bottle better? Or a PET plastic cosmetic bottle? Next, we will answer this question for you. The details are as follows:
Both PE and PET are made of plastic, but the plastic cosmetic bottle made of PE is not transparent and can be made into milk transparent color at most. And the PET bottle can be made completely transparent, so you may be suddenly enlightened. In terms of gloss, PET is very shiny and smooth. PE is different, the surface of PE will not reflect the gloss under bright light, and it will not be very smooth to the touch. The original effect of the PE bottle surface is matte finish.
   Which material is better?
   According to the development trend of the plastic bottle industry, PET is the most promising. Why do say this? Although both PET and PE materials can be recycled, PET recycling has many functions.
If you pay attention to the World Cup recently, you will find such a news that the uniforms of players from more than a dozen countries in France, the Netherlands, and Brazil are produced through PET recycling technology. After the recycling of PET materials, there are still many great achievements, so China is the largest consumer of PET materials, and it also imports PET raw materials. It will not cause environmental pollution and waste.

We produce PET cosmetic bottles and PE cosmetic bottles, but there are more styles of PET cosmetic bottles. For Example: PET empty lotion bottles, PET spray bottles, PET foam pump bottles, PET shampoo bottles etc.

PET foam pump bottles From Yello Packaging
But some customers who like PE bottles, they like the soft and matte nature of PE bottles. No matter you like PET cosmetic bottles or PE cosmetic bottles, we all can offer to you, you just need tell us the details for the products that you need, we can recommend you the suitable ones.
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