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Some Very Useful Common Sense Of Cosmetic Packaging

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Author : Maggie Liang
Update time : 2021-09-10 14:28:12

Guangzhou Yello Packaging Co., Ltd is a professional manfuacturer and factory of cosmetic packaging in China since 2004, we mainly produce all kinds of cosmetic bottles, cosmetic jars, cosmetic squeeze tubes etc. Today, we will introduce some very useful common sense of cosmetic packaging.
According to the cosmetic packaging components and materials, it can be divided into:
Cosmetic Bottles ( including plastic bottles, glass bottles, etc. );
Cover ( including outer cover, inner cover, (plug, pad, membrane), etc.);
Cosmetic Squeeze Tubes (including plastic cosmetic squeeze tubes, laminated cosmetic tubes, aluminum cosmetic tubes, etc.);
Spray head (normal spray pump, trigger spray pump, long nozzle spray pump);
Pump head ( lotion pump, cream pump )
Dropper ( rubber bulb dropper, rotating dropper, press button dropper )

Cosmetic Packaging Bottles

The body of the cosmetic packaging bottle should be stable, smooth in appearance, and the thickness of the cosmetic bottle house should be even, with no obvious scars, deformation, and no cold bursts and cracks. The bottle mouth should be regular and lubricated. The cooperation between the cosmetic bottle and the cap should be tight, without slippage, loosening, and leakage. The inside and the outside of the cosmetic bottle should be clean.
Cosmetic packaging dropper bottles

Cosmetic Squeeze Tubes

The body of the cosmetic squeeze tubes should be lubricated, regular, uniform in thickness, without significant scratches, and uniform in color. The sealing of the plastic squeeze tubes should be vigorous and regular, and there should be no openings or wrinkles (the mold's normal indentation is outside). The composite membrane of the cosmetic tubes should not float.
luxury cosmetic squeeze tubes


The cover is divided into: PP material, ABS material, AS material, anodized aluminum, etc. Different materials are judged by the history of touch, appearance, and falling rebound sound.
Inner cover: The inner cover should be intact, lubricated, clean, and not deformed. The collaboration of the inner cap with the bottle and the outer cap should be excellent. The inner cover should not be leaked.
Outer cover: The outer cover should be regular, lubricated, free from broken, cracked, burrs (burrs). The color of the outer cover should be uniform. There should be no shortage of the coordination structure of the outer cover and cover pattern.
The color of the outer cover with anodized aluminum or bronzing should be uniform. The clamshell type outer cover should be turned up and there should be no cracks in the connecting part. The cooperation between the cap and the bottle should be tight, without slippage or looseness.

Sprayer Head, Pump Head, Dropper

The sprayer, pump head, dropper should be regular, clean, free from damage and cracks. The components of the spray head, pump head, and dropper should be intact and undamaged to ensure the smooth use of the product.