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Why Is It So Important To Choose A Good Quality Cosmetic Packaging?

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Author : Maggie Liang
Update time : 2021-09-18 16:26:15

When you search the cosmetic package ( cosmetic bottles, cosmetic jars, cosmetic tubes ) and find the same style and shape bottles, you will compare the price, but even if the same looking cosmetic packaging, the quality also will be different.
The bad quality cosmetic packaging will exist some process issues:
1. The glass bottle is painted off and the hot stamping is out of place
2. The glass bottle has scratches during transportation, the hot stamping on the frosted glass bottle conflicts with the bottle body, and the hot stamping is scratched.
3. The bottle cap is loose, the pump head is tightened, and the gap between the pump head and the bottle shoulder is too large
4. The diameter of the hose is wrong (3mm is required, and the product is 5mm)
5. The color of the packaging material is too different (compared with each batch of packaging)
6. The hose printing icon is deformed
7. The exterior of the package is dirty, dusty, glue, handprints, etc.
Material issues
1. The brightness of the glass bottle is not good
2. The number of composite layers of the hose is not good
3. The buckle of the inner cap of the bottle is too soft and deformed during the tightening process
4. Some plastic bottles are not resistant to high temperature, deformed or become brittle
5. Plastic bottles become brittle under light
The above is only a list of some common problems, and there are many various problems, and customers need to control the packaging materials.
So when you choose the cosmetic packaging, don't just consider the price, the quality is very important. We use the brand new material to make the cometic packaging ( cosmetic bottles, cosmetic jars, cosmetic tubes ), so the quality have guarrantte, you don't need worry about the quality.

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