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The Production Process of Glass Cosmetic Bottles

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Author : Maggie Liang
Update time : 2022-06-01 18:19:54
Glass ( cream bottle, serum bottle, face toner bottle, essential oil bottle)
In cosmetics, cream bottles are mainly skin care (cream, lotion), perfume, essential oil, nail polish and other small capacity, and the capacity of more than 200 ml is rarely used in cosmetics. Glass cosmetic bottles are divided into wide mouth disease, narrow mouth disease, solid paste is generally divided into wide mouth disease, electrified aluminum cap or plastic cap, bottle cap can produce color spray and other effects. Emulsion or infusion plasters generally use narrow-mouth bottles with pump heads. The lid needs an internal plug, the hand has the same internal plug with the small holes, and the thick lotion comes with the large hole internal plug.

Glass cosmetic bottles with uneven thickness are easy to be damaged or easily broken by the contents in severe cold conditions, so test a reasonable capacity when charging, use paper hugs for transportation, and separate them separately. Better to play a dustproof role.
The commonly used bottle types of glass cosmetic bottles are usually spermatozoa, and there are usually clear or frosted cosmetic bottles in stock. If the production cycle of glass bottles is long, it will take 20 days, and some supply time will take 45 days. Essential oil bottles generally use yellow or tinted and tinted scrubs, which can be protected from light, have insurance coupons on the lids, and can be fitted with internal plugs or droppers. Perfume bottles are generally equipped with delicate spray pumps or plastic caps.
Cream bottle combination type:
1. Cream bottle series: glass bottle body with double plastic outer cover (normal capacity 10g-50g).
2. Serum bottle series: glass bottle plastic pump head or electric aluminum pump head (relative capacity is 20 ~ 100ml)
3. Face toner bottles series: glass bottle with plastic inner plug ( over 100ml, pump head can also be installed).
4. Essential oil bottle series: glass bottle inner plug cap or plastic dripper dropper electric aluminum cap
The production process of the cream bottle:
Bottle body: transparent bottle, frosted bottle, colored bottle "white porcelain bottle, essential oil bottle" (although not often used, but the order volume is high, and the professional line is rarely used), spray
The spray effect generally needs to add extra spraying coating process cost. According to the difficulty of the area and color, the silk screen printing also is different, the cylindrical bottle can be calculated by a single color, and the special-shaped bottle can be calculated by two-color or multi-color.
Printing: screen printing, hot stamping, (the number of screen printing and hot stamping should not exceed 2 times. Too many colors, high defective products, and high cost.)
Cream bottle screen printing: There are usually two kinds of glass bottle screen printing, one is high temperature ink screen printing, which is not easy to decolorize, the color is relatively heavy, and the purple tone is not very good, the other is low temperature ink screen printing, the color is bright, and the ink is not very good. High standard. Otherwise, it is easy to fall off, pay attention to the disinfection of the bottle.