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What are the advantages of a push-on serum bottle?

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Author : Maggie Liang
Update time : 2022-05-20 16:09:01
At present, most of the existing serum bottles adopt a dropper type bottle body, and the essence in the bottle body is extruded through a squeeze dropper. However, with this structural arrangement, the user cannot precisely control the extrusion force, and it is easy to squeeze out too much essence without paying attention, resulting in a waste of essence. Therefore, to provide a push-type serum bottle with simple structure, reasonable design, convenient use, good overall compactness, easy control of the pressing degree, and the essence can be squeezed out by light pressing is an urgent problem for those skilled in the art to solve.
In view of this, in order to solve the technical problems such as difficulty in controlling the extrusion pressure of the serum dropper bottle and waste of essence in the prior art, technicians provide a simple structure, reasonable design, convenient use, and good overall structure compactness. The press-type serum bottle can realize the squeeze of the essence by pressing lightly, and it is easy to control according to the pressure. In order to achieve the above-mentioned purpose, the essence bottle adopts the following technical scheme: a push-type serum bottle, including an outer bottle body, an inner bottle body, a connecting cover, a rubber head, a pressing head and a bottle cap, and the outer bottle body is a hollow with openings at both ends. Cylindrical structure, one end of the outer bottle body is fixed with a limit ring for positioning one end of the indenter in the outer bottle body, and the other end of the indenter extends outward through the limit ring and is connected with the limit ring. The inner bottle body is slidably arranged in the outer bottle body, and the liquid inlet end of the inner bottle body is connected with the connecting cover; the connecting cover is communicated with the rubber head, and the top of the rubber head abuts the pressure head; the liquid outlet end of the inner bottle body passes through the other side of the outer bottle body. One end extends outward; the cap is connected with the liquid outlet end of the inner bottle body.

According to the above technical solution, compared with the prior art solution, the push-type serum bottle utilizes the connection structure between the push head and the outer bottle body, and matches the structure of the rubber head, the connection cover and the inner bottle body, so that it is convenient for the user to pass the downward Press the pusher to push out the essence in the inner bottle, and the setting of the pusher allows the user to precisely control the pressure, so as to control the amount of essence used and avoid excessive waste of essence. By connecting the cap and the bottle cap, the inner body of the essence bottle has good sealing performance, and the leakage of the essence in the inner body is avoided. The push-type essence bottle not only has simple structure, reasonable design, convenient use, compact structure and good sealing performance, but also facilitates the user to control the pressure during use, effectively avoids the waste of essence, and has a good market application prospect.
To sum up, the beneficial effects of the above-mentioned serum bottle are: the push-type serum bottle can facilitate users to observe the content of essence in the inner bottle in time, the connecting cover is adaptively embedded in the outer bottle body, and a plurality of uniformly arranged lines are formed on the outer side wall of the connecting cover. anti-skid line. The overall structure of the essence bottle is compact, and the phenomenon that the inner bottle body slips from the outer bottle body is not easy to occur during use.
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