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What are the symbol designs on cosmetic glass bottles?

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Author : Maggie Liang
Update time : 2022-06-29 15:34:02
Cosmetic glass bottles have the dual function of being both a product and a guide for consumption. In cosmetic glass bottles, symbols mainly refer to symbols such as brands, graphics, words, colors, shapes, etc., which are designed to convey product concepts or product information. Various symbol elements should be used reasonably to form products. A unified overall image has the meaning of indicating and representing things, and also has certain emotional and aesthetic meanings. The symbol design on the cosmetic glass bottle needs to highlight the personality in the shape, color and pattern of the cosmetic packaging, which will be beneficial to the sales of the product.

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The symbol design of cosmetic glass bottles mainly covers:
1. Brand symbol
The brand symbol on the cosmetic glass bottle is a symbol that can enable consumers to clearly remember the product characteristics and reflect a certain spiritual value. It mainly uses logos, standard words and standard colors as design elements to form the image of corporate products and the purpose of brand symbols. It is the value that embodies the brand. The brand symbol with corporate personality designed on the cosmetic glass bottle can well show the corporate image and enhance the brand communication.
2. Graphical symbols
Symbolic graphics are gradually adopted in the design of cosmetic glass bottles, some are used on cosmetic glass bottles to reflect the characteristics of the product; some use some graphic symbols to indicate the main raw materials or ingredients of this cosmetic; there are many cosmetic glass bottles on The instructions for use are expressed in graphics, and several coherent graphics are used to express them more clearly.
3. Text symbols
The text symbols on cosmetic glass bottles are the basis for consumers to choose cosmetics. The text on the outer packaging of cosmetics is generally relatively concise, mainly based on instructions, mainly including: trademark, product name, production license number; product use; production date; shelf life; name and address of the manufacturer; volume or weight; fragrance; main raw materials; usage; precautions and safety warnings; product storage conditions and methods.
4. Color symbols
Cosmetic glass bottles are expressed in various color symbols according to the characteristics of their own products. Green can reflect vitality, sensibility and freshness; red is also a commonly used color in cosmetics, especially when it is paired with black or white; purple, gold, and black are color symbols that symbolize noble style.
5. Morphological symbols
The morphological symbols of cosmetic glass bottles should consider comprehensive issues such as packaging function and aesthetics, such as: what kind of containers should be placed in liquids, dosage bodies, powders and other objects. Specific functional requirements make the shape of cosmetic packaging glass materials have commonalities, but the shapes of cosmetic packaging glass materials of various brands have their own characteristics, which are mainly reflected in the bottle design. Some are mainly small curves, and some use special shapes.
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