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What Is the Effect Of Different Colors Of Glass Essential Oil Bottles?

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Author : Maggie Liang
Update time : 2022-07-06 18:18:44
Nowadays, all kinds of essential oils appear on the market, such as beauty essential oils, massage essential oils, medicinal essential oils, acupuncture essential oils, etc. All kinds of essential oils with different uses appear on the market. The essential oils used in cosmetic packaging are all glass essential oil bottles. Glass essential oil bottles have good chemical stability. The natural characteristics of this glass material are very suitable for the packaging of various essential oils.

The glass material of the essential oil bottle is generally beautiful in appearance, and there will be more markets, because the beautiful essential oil bottle is more in line with the temperament of the essential oil. With the entry of brands, relatively speaking, the market for essential oil bottles will change. With the increasing branding of essential oils, essential oils sold in the market are often made of glass essential oil bottles, and glass essential oil bottles will be more and more used in the cosmetic packaging market.
For the external packaging of essential oil bottles, it has nothing to do with the product. The main thing is the essential oil bottles that are directly contained. The colors of essential oil bottles are commonly brown glass essential oil bottles, blue glass essential oil bottles, green glass essential oil bottles, Clear glass essential oil bottles, etc. Essential oils contain a variety of plant extracts. Although stable butanediol is used as a solvent, in order to ensure safety, glass bottles should be used as containers to ensure the purity and effectiveness of our essential oils. In addition to being more beautiful, the glass material of these colored essential oil bottles depends on the characteristics of the product. For example, light-proof products need brown glass bottles. Brown can filter out blue light and ultraviolet light, block ultraviolet radiation, reduce the decomposition of product ingredients, extend the shelf life and ingredient efficacy, and achieve excellent results.
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