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Packaging Design Of Lotion Bottle

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Author : Maggie Liang
Update time : 2022-07-13 15:12:07
The types of bottle design schemes for cosmetic packaging include glass bottles, tottle bottles, plastic bottles, essential oil bottles, cream bottles and other glass bottles for skin care products. It is a production process flow of parts, manufacturing, frosting, grinding and polishing, painting, high and low temperature test solid color and mixed color printing process.

 Hexagonal lotion bottle

The bottle used for cosmetic lotion packaging, we call it lotion bottle. Cosmetic lotion bottle packaging currently has several characteristics, one is high taste, cosmetic packaging basically shows a trend of high taste, whether it is material or printing; the other is generally with a pump head, because of the particularity of emulsion products , Lotion bottles will basically have a pump head; the third is durable, easy to use, and easy to use is also very important. In addition, because of the special properties of the lotion, if the bottle cap is used to seal, there are often problems in the process of opening and use. problem arises. It is for this reason that more and more cosmetic packaging starts to use cosmetic bottles with pump heads - lotion bottles. The appearance of lotion pumps is to solve various problems that occur during the use of lotions. The lotion pump can control the amount of lotion well by squeezing it, and also solve the problem of residual lotion. This is the reason for the popularity of lotion pumps in the market. However, the cost of cosmetic bottles and lotion bottles with pump heads is relatively high, and there are certain threshold requirements for the production technology of lotion pumps. Therefore, there is still a lot of room for development in the cosmetic lotion bottle packaging market.

What should be paid attention to in the design of lotion bottle packaging? First of all, the design of lotion bottle packaging should pay attention to the selection of materials, and what kind of material should be chosen first needs to be considered. Secondly, the positioning and design positioning of the lotion bottle packaging, and what product positioning to choose, need to be considered in the design process. In addition, lotion bottle design should take a differentiated path.
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