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Why Choose Airless Pump Bottles For Cosmetics And Skin Care Products?

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Author : Maggie Liang
Update time : 2022-08-02 15:01:02
Airless pump bottles have gained popularity in the cosmetic packaging industry due to the improved product protection provided by airless pump. Airless pump bottles are designed to preserve and protect formulas, ensuring users get the most out of their product down to the last drop. Here's what you can learn about the advantages of airless pump bottles for cosmetics and skin care products!

Airless pump bottles are a popular choice for creams, foundations, serums, light lotions and more. Their elegant design makes them beneficial for cosmetic and skincare packaging for a number of different reasons.

Frosted Airless Pump Bottles

1. Product Preservation

Thanks to the revolutionary mechanics of airless pump engines, airless pump bottles never expose formulas to air. This means that the integrity of the product is preserved at a higher level than traditional bottles.

2. Double Wall

Double wall construction provides extra protection for your formula. Double walls keep the product safe and protect it from light.


Airless pump bottles fill from the top and allow for fast, accurate, and hassle-free filling.
4. Precise Dosing
Each bottle size comes with a predetermined metered output, allowing users to dispense the same amount of product with each pump. This allows for more precise dosing of medical formulas compared to bottles and non-pump bottles.
5. Complete Product Evacuation
Airless pump bottles are designed for the maximum amount of product evacuation. This means that users can dispense almost all of the product, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.
6. No Leaks
Once the airless pump bottles are filled and sealed, there is virtually no chance of the product leaking. The securely sealed airtight pump also makes these bottles incredibly tamper resistant, which is crucial for medical formulations.
Airless pump bottles offer unparalleled protection of products and formulations in the cosmetic and skincare industries. With an emphasis on product preservation, Airless Pump Bottles allow you to get the most out of your product.
Depending on your specific needs, we can help you find the perfect bottle for your cosmetic and skin care products. As we continue to revolutionize this industry, we are always introducing new and improved designs to better serve our customers. Our collection of airless cosmetic bottles offers all the advantages of airless pump bottles in an eco-friendly design.

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